We assist our clients to reach operational solutions adapted to their needs.


Our expertise includes technological process surveys, and if necessary numerical simulations. The goal is to answer simple questions:
  • How does the material really behave inline?
  • What is the real variability from one part to another?
  • Can we detect a signature of an anomaly?
  • Is it cost effective to deploy an acquisition or control system?
Heat flux simulation of reactive process (SMC)

Industrial projects

Once the doubts about feasibility is raised, the industrial equipment project can start. These projects are typically conducted in three phases:
  • Instrumentation and operational validation
  • Deployment of a functional solution
  • Training, maintenance and technical assistance

Specific Developments

We have the skills to interface measurement and control systems (digital communication, dedicated software).
Listening to our customers, we carry out specific operational developments with great responsiveness. Our external advices are often welcomed.
  • Testing Benches, Material Oriented characterization systems (thermal conductivity, reactivity)
  • Software measurement, operation, simulation
  • Processes or reactor control units
New example : Multiphysic reactive characterization cell. The HFC-200 cell supplied in Metravib catalog provide in one trial dynamic mechanical properties (viscosity and stiffness) coupled with thermokinetic data.
This is an ideal tool for characterization of reactive materials and measurement of key points (gelation, cure level at gel point, shrinkage, prediction of mechanical properties according to time, temperature and cure level).
Advanced thermal regulator


Dedicated data acquisition systems for RTM

Example : laboratory acquisition box with 48 or 96 simultaneous channels at 10Hz. Inputs for thermocouples, strain gages (pressure sensors), active heat flow sensors, analog signals.
Real-time display of temperature / flow front / pressure fields.
Data acquisition box for RTM tools