The installation of sensors for control is often the starting point of a troubles due to lack of guidance and proper tools for operating.

The sensor is the first segment of a control system, this is not an solution itself!

With of over 20 years of experience in the use of sensors in all kind of processes, our team can advise you on the choice of appropriate technology, and most importantly on the use and operation of signals .

Heat Flux Sensors

We advocate the use of thermal sensors because they allow indirect access to the material to be transformed: thermal diffusion means also information diffusion.

Attenuation of signals resulting from non-intrusive design is largely compensated by the quality of our measurement systems and the robustness of the solution.

The heat flow sensors provide an electrical signal proportional to heat flux density (in Watts per square meter) flowing through them.

For each mode of heat transfer, we propose a measurement solution:

Temperature and Other sensors

Pressure (ambient, material, differential), Position (displacement or speed), Humidity, others... please contact us for discussing about possibilities et interfacing methods.

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