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Conductive sensors

Conductive sensors quantify heat transfer by conduction in solids.
In casting processes, they would be ideally be placed at the interface between matter and mold. For robustness and non-marking reasons, we place them inside the tool. Value obtained in the tool approaches thermal gradient between the processed material and mould, giving thereby access to materials developments and thermally-linked changes during processing.

Applications: Characterization processes like :
  • Injection: flow front detection, detection of defects like incomplete parts or changes in melt index.
  • Injection of thermosets, BMC: detection of the end of cooking, abnormal injection (over-heating).
  • Thermosetting Compression, SMC: Curing monitoring and control.
  • Resin Transfer Molding, RTM: Flow front detection, cure monitoring
  • Thermoplastic Compression, GMT: cooling control.
  • Thermoforming: control of cooling, variations in thickness in areas of high strain.
  • Pultrusion: control and steering of the cooking, optimizing speed line
  • Extrusion: controlling the process stability

And of course, many other possibilities...

See also : Convective sensors, Radiative Sensors

For massive metallic toolings

  • Tfx-191 temperature and heat flux sensor

  • Tfx-187 high sensitivity temperature and heat flux sensor

For thin metallic of composite tools