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Their role is to ensure power supply in order to minimize interference in industrial measurements, and allow a connection between the modules and a PC.

TFX-204 Bus Coupler interface

This interface is designed for operating with new industrial TFX-203 modules.
It works with USB or serial interface.

Optionally, an Ethernet version (TFX-215) is available.

aDDa-M-I : Laboratory power supply and measurement module

Configurable with analog outputs, external excitation signals.

Laboratory applications for Embedded Systems. Customized configuration on request.

aDDa-W : 2.4GHz wireless interface.

Establish wireless link between modules or between modules and interface. Ability to create one or more star networks with up to 7 sub-module assemblies.

Applications for rotating machines (carousels, heads of machine tools, continuous production of composite panels) or tracking signals in motion (ovens in automotive or food industry).