The brand products of Tfx-Technology® are designed to provide immediate functionality.  They are based on more than 10 years of experience in industrial measurement, process control, data acquisition and processing.

Measurement Chain Design

Our measurement system are highly modular. Sensors are connected to their conditioning linkable modules, themselves interfaced with configuration and acquisition software.


The heat flux sensors provide access to existing heat exchange in the processes, revealing what is happening inside.

These sensors are used to detect, assess or quantify phenomena and are designed to never come into direct contact with processed materials.

For each type of heat transfer, we propose a measurement solution, please refer to our descriptive section for more details.


We propose original robust connecting solutions. Please contact us or refer to our technical datasheet for more High-temperature Extensions and Connectors details.


Thermal sensors signal is generally too weak to be used directly on classical measurement systems. The quality of measurement in industrial environment with embedded signal processing provides the required  added value required to operate a control solution.
Tfx-Technology® System is an extensible architecture for designing solutions tailored to the needs of users.
Our electronic modules offered provide:

  • Heat flux or Temperature signal conditioning heat (up to 4 inputs per module).
  • Analog or digital signal conditioning (up to 8 per module)
  • Real time processing of signals: filtering, derivative, phase advance.
  • Control or regulation of these signals by controlling 4 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs in option.
  • Industrial communication possibility (RS-485)
Our modules are designed for rail DIN mounting, simplifying industrial integration.


Their role is to ensure a power supply with minimum interference during the measurement.

  • aDDa-I: High quality power supply and RS-232 or USB to PC interface.
  • aDDa-M+I: Food and laboratory measurement module.
  • aDDa-W wireless 2.4GHz interface.

Our software offering includes several levels to be tailored to the needs of our customers.

Module Configuration: Supplied in standard with our systems, allows to view signals in real time and configure the modules.
Acquisition: Synchronised recording with automatic backup and remote monitoring capabilities. Tools for reading, process and export signals.
Production control and traceability: By interfacing production tools (press, marking systems - traceability), our software map every part produced by assigning values from available signals (pressure sensors, temperature, position, rotation, heat flux ... ).
Tests - design of experiments: Enter processing or testing parameters in the flight during your testing and download a result matrix as soon as testing is complete.
Laboratory Control: Each part, batch or formula is analysed systematically with an inspection report as result. Entire history of data is available for further analysis.

Measurement case

Fully integrated and portable system for making measurements on different machines or industrial sites. The system will be equipped with software adapted to target applications: testing, R & D or production monitoring.